Converting Users into Champions is Product Management

Chase Disher is Director of Product at

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As Director of product at the investing app, Chase Disher is very focused on building community. He’s doing such a good job that the platform has already surpassed a million users. 

“The mandate of my position as director of product and social is: How do we ensure that every single user that comes onto the app finds their community as soon as possible?” he says. “There are people that are coming from many different backgrounds and perspectives onto the app. That's one of the beautiful things. We have people who are brand new investors on the app who are just trying to get their feet wet, and we have other people who are actually very experienced investors and do it as part of their daily life.”

When it comes to attracting and maintaining this growing community, Chase points to the power of customer feedback, breaking that down into three types: 

  1. Reactionary feedback they get through their customer experience team, which hears directly from the community
  2. Live feedback, which also comes directly from the community via’s community team
  3. Proactive and visionary feedback, which comes through the user research team

“We just hit a million plus users, and we love them to death,” Chase says. “But we want to get the next million users on to the platform. That's really where you start to think beyond just what are your existing features and what resonates with your existing community and more about what of our existing features resonate with potentially new users and what are new features that we can actually build on top to really, really close the deal and acquire those users and create champions from them as well.” 

Learn more about Chase’s work at — including how he goes about converting users to champions — on this episode of This Is Product Management.

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Here are the highlights:

  • What product scoping looks like: 3:43
  • Trusting product intuition: 13:00
  • Champions vs. users: 15:14
  • Chase’s approach to getting feedback: 23:11

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