Jonathan Anderson is the co-founder and CEO of Candu.


Jonathan Anderson was a non-technical person working for a SaaS company. While building his wedding website with Wix, a light bulb went off: Why couldn’t drag-and-drop technology work for his customer’s front-end UI? 

He co-founded Candu, a native web builder for SaaS that lets anyone "drag and drop" their own UI components to build product experiences — no coding required. 

“No-code is really just saying, ‘We’ve looked at this problem enough, and now we’ve solved it in a way that you don’t need to have my level of understanding to move forward with this,’” Jonathan says. 

He believes no-code software could be a game-changer for product managers: “A PM’s job is so hard because you have a million and 10 ideas. You’re the idea collector, consensus builder, and then you have to kill all of your darlings. … What we’re trying to say is, actually, before prioritizing everything down to what a developer can actually make, what if, instead, we let you take some of those half-baked ideas, bake them a little bit more, then put them into the product. Get some signal to see if they’re working or not, then continue to tinker and iterate yourself. It’s the do-it-yourself version of front-end engineering. So I think it transitions the PM’s role from less of a ‘we can’t do this,’ to ‘OK, let’s actually run an experiment on extending that into the product.’”

Get more insights from Jonathan on how no-code is changing B2B — as well as his take on experimentation, iteration, personalization, and simplicity — on this episode of This Is Product Management.

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Here are some highlights: 
  • Unlocking experimentation
  • Advice for being the best PM
  • The role of iteration
  • A rule of thumb for simplicity
  • The problem with release notes
  • Personalization in a B2B environment


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