Turning Wants Into Needs is Product Management

Clint Sand, VP of Product at NortonLifeLock, shares the complexities and considerations involved in building cybersecurity products, and how to get consumers to invest in products they need, but don’t necessarily want

People increasingly rely on internet-connected devices, not just in their workplaces but in their homes. While there are many benefits to using smart speakers, wireless printers, and other IoT devices, not all consumers realize the cybersecurity risks that come with connecting these devices to their home networks. Convincing people that they need products to reduce their risk is challenging because they don’t understand the need, and therefore are not even thinking of investing in the right solutions. The situation is compounded now that more people than ever are working from home, accessing both professional and personal data via home networks. This means that there is an increased urgency to address a need that many people don’t even recognize they have.

Clint Sand is VP of Product at NortonLifeLock, where he develops products for home and family that keep people safe while enabling them to be empowered by the latest and greatest in tech.

In his two decades working in cybersecurity, Clint has seen the differences in knowledge and perception between enterprise data protection and personal data protection. Today’s remote work scenarios are blurring the lines between enterprise and personal cybersecurity. “If all employees are suddenly working from home, you've got a different employee and business risk, and you have workflow and productivity tools that people depend on. Were these tools enabled for remote use?” asks Clint. “This is key for product managers to be thinking about so they can make their products safer and more resilient in the case of cyber attack.”

Learn more about the evolving world of cybersecurity and what happens when what consumers need most isn’t even on their minds in this episode of This is Product Management.

Here are the highlights: 

  • How should you think about building products that consumers don’t necessarily know they need (4:00)
  • The evolution of cybersecurity in the past two decades (6:45)
  • The process needed to connect consumer wants and needs (10:15)
  • The complementary roles of cybersecurity, cyber safety, and cyber wellness (14:50)
  • How do products develop when the landscape of hackers, attackers, and security threats is constantly evolving (20:27)

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