Navigating Regulatory Hurdles is Product Management

Gautam Shah, Entrepreneur in Residence at Vonzos Partners, shares how he collaborates with legal teams and adapts to changes in regulation.

Healthcare and financial services are two of several massive industries that have been slow to adopt new technology. These dynamics present significant opportunities for savvy product teams.

However, regulations in such industries present a new set of challenges.

Gautam has a wealth of experience building products in regulated industries. He’s led product teams at Cisco, Apollo, and Sprint.

In this episode, Gautam shares the lessons he’s learned about adapting to changes in regulation, collaborating with legal teams, and conducting product research without breaking the rules.

While product managers working in regulated industries certainly need to be mindful of the legal constraints, Gautam says that you don’t need to master every detail.

He recommends educating yourself enough to understand and communicate the risks and costs with your legal team. Gautam says he actually considers his legal team a core part of his product team.

You’ll learn a lot about critical regulatory factors to watch for, and conducting user research in the healthcare industry.

Here are the highlights:

  • The most common pitfalls associated with navigating regulations (5:10)
  • How Gautam collaborates with his legal team (14:10)
  • Gautam’s strategy for adapting to regulatory changes (17:15)
  • How product managers can get feedback from users without breaking regulations (20:25)

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