Go-To-Market Strategy is Product Management

Anuraag Verma
Nov 2, 2015

Marc Sirkin, CMO at SpendBoss and former Director at PWC, shares how product managers can support go-to-market strategy and his advice for unlocking collaboration between product management and marketing teams.


  • How do the roles of marketing and product impact Go-to-Market strategy at large enterprises and small companies? (7:04)
  • What are Marc’s recommendations for large enterprises looking to invest in and support Go-to-Market strategies? (9:17)
  • Many product managers think the concept of a product launch is outdated. What impact does this have on Go-to-Market strategies? (12:41)
  • What metrics does Marc use to qualify success? (14:12)
  • How does Marc think marketing will change over the coming years? (16:50)

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