Customer-Led Growth is Product Management

Trish Wethman is the chief customer officer for Best Egg.


As the chief customer officer for the online credit and financial wellness platform Best Egg, Trish Wethman is responsible for both product and innovation. She is also responsible for ensuring customers always, always come first in the organization. But how do these all fit together under one umbrella?

“If you look at all the great innovators of our time — Steve Jobs and folks like him — they really are people that are thinking not just about how to put a product out, but how to put out something special that people want to use and interact with,” Trish says. “It all comes down to the great innovations really require understanding people’s needs.”

The company's customer-led growth relies, at least in part, on actively engaging with its customers in various ways. They have an online customer community with which they connect constantly. They also employ plenty of market research, using an ecosystem of different tools, including Feedback Loop. 

“Advances in technology have enabled us to really utilize things like Zoom to do real-time interactions with customers,” Trish says. “And tools like Feedback Loop let us go out within 24 hours and get pretty rapid responses to questions we’re asking. This technology has really enabled us to take it to the next level in terms of customer experience. … [Agile research] helps us to quickly understand particular topics, to test particular features, to get really quick sort of directional feedback that we can hand over to teams and say, ‘This is what customers are telling us. This is what we think you should do. This is a potential path that you can take.’”

Learn more about how Trish built a scalable customer-centric culture at Best Egg — and take a peek into her research toolbox — on this episode of This Is Product Management.

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Here are some highlights: 

  • Balancing product and innovation under one umbrella
  • Creating a customer-centric culture
  • Trish’s ecosystem of tools
  • The truth about NPS
  • How to use directional feedback successfully


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